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That one artist



"What are you listening to?" this guy asked me today while I was waiting for the bus. "John Mayer" I retorted. The guy smiled. I smirked.

I`m 21 now, and this year I understood that at 21, you really just want to find one special artist, or one special band that you want to follow for the rest of your life. I realized it again today.

During my adolescence I sure stumbled upon a lot of different types of artists. Some of them I don`t want to own up to anymore. Some of them are laughable, some of them I still listen to, and some I`ve forgotten a long time ago. I bought my first John Mayer record in 8th grade I believe. Totally on a whim. I was curious and I wanted something new. The record I bought was Heavier Things. I remembered I sipped through it a couple of times, some of the songs stuck, some of them didn`t. Time went by, and I forgot about the entire record. I went into my Iron Maiden phase, went to a a lot of concerts, listened through the albums every single day. Memorized the lyrics. I even met Bruce Dickinson himself (the vocalist for you kids) and had him as my pilot one time. Wow, memories…

Anyway, a couple of years went by, and I lost interest. Not by way of burning their CD`s or anything, I just wanted something new and refreshing. I still to this date, listen to them occasionally. But in between all the insipid artists at that time, I thirsted for quality. I don`t know, and I still don`t know what the catalyst for searching ‘John Mayer’ on YouTube was. I just did, and started sifting through some of the videoes and clips. Got interested, wanted more, searched more, listened more. And that`s how the flame was lit again. Then, after listening to the music for months and months, I became interested in the person John Mayer. I wanted to see how he acted, how he expressed himself, how his songs came about, everything. I typed ‘John Mayer Interview’ on several sites, and became instantly curious. One video lead to another, and then there was no returning. It all became much more important and necessary. The music became more necessary. During those hours and hours spent on listening to him speak, I laughed (a lot) cried, nodded in agreement, and smiled. It all made sense, I understood the music better, and hence, it made the whole experience and sensation better. Now my iTunes is filled with everything John Mayer.

You see, I`ve found that one artist I know now I`ll follow for the rest of my life. Bold statement, I know, but one I feel extremely confident about. I`ll always be curious about his new stuff, I`ll always go back and listen to the old stuff. The unreleased stuff. The rare moments that have 229 hits on YouTube. Every other day I`ll type in ‘John Mayer’ on YouTube and press ‘today’ just to see the new clips. I`ll always be wanting more, and being grateful for what he`s come up with so far. I feel this incredible relief that I`ve found that one artist. Other artists will come and go, like they always have, and that`s not a bad thing, by no means. But John Mayer stays. He just stays. [x/x]

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Memento from LA

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Full Seoul show, May 6th

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"I’m in repair, I’m not together but I’m getting there" - john mayer

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